Welcome to our exciting world of courses designed to ignite the imagination and engineering prowess of young minds! At 360 labs, we offer a range of captivating programs that introduce kids to the wonders of basic engineering knowledge. Our courses cover a diverse array of disciplines, including programming, mechanical design, and mechatronics design. With expert guidance from our experienced instructors, your child will embark on a transformative learning journey, acquiring essential skills and unleashing their creativity. From coding their first lines of code to designing and building their own mechanical and mechatronic systems, our courses provide a solid foundation for future innovation. Join us at 360 labs and empower your child to become a confident engineer of the future!

Kids will learn Engineering

Keep young minds engaged with our vibrant engineering applications.

Learn About Programming

we teach them to how to program propperly with practical projects.

Learn about team work

Our do monthly workshop for kids according with some industrial profetionals.

Our Instructors

Eng. Chamath Kandambi

Founder and CEO @ 360 Labs

Former Industrial Automation Engineer

Eng. Yuneth Wijenayake

Arana @ Co-Founder

Software Engineer

How to register to course


register to the platform and fill the necessary details


Verify the email and confirm the registration

Choose the course

Purchase the course and do the part payment as mention in the course

Learn and Enjoy

Enjoy the course and obtain the certification

Our specially designed courses for ages 07-17 provide hands-on, engineering-focused learning with our amazing kits.

Course Starting : August 1st week

Course fee


(5 Months | 50 Hours)

Workshop Location

Course Delivery

3 Days Online & 1 Day Physical

Course Sylabus

  1. Sparkling Electronics Adventure : Embark on a magical journey to discover the secrets of electronics and how they make everyday gadgets work.
  2. Fantastic Components Expedition : Join our team of curious explorers as we venture into the land of electronics components and discover the role each one plays in creating magical circuits.
    • Superhero Resistors : Join our resistor superheroes on an exciting mission to control the flow of electric power and save the day.
    • Rainbow Color Code Quest : Decode the colorful world of resistors using a special rainbow code, and unravel hidden clues to unlock their resistance values.
  3. Capacitor Capers : Dive into the world of capacitors and uncover their amazing ability to store and release electrical energy, like little energy superheroes.
  4. Multimeter Marvels : Become a master of measurements with our trusty multimeter sidekick. Together, we’ll measure voltages, currents, and resistances to solve exciting challenges.
  5. Schematic Detective Agency : Put on your detective hat and decode puzzling schematic diagrams. Help us uncover the hidden connections and bring electronic devices to life.
  6. Online Simulations and Real-World Adventures : Embark on virtual adventures and explore how electronics impact our daily lives. From controlling robots to designing smart homes, let your imagination run wild.
  1. Super Coding Starters : Begin your coding journey with fun and interactive activities. Learn how to give commands to our adorable robot friends.
  2. Variable Wizards : Enter the realm of variables and give your programs the power to remember and change. Unleash your creativity as you make characters dance and objects come to life.
  3. Functions of Fun : Discover the magic of functions and create mini-programs that perform amazing tricks. Make your code more organized and shareable with others.
  4. Array Adventure : Join our array explorers as they set out to collect and organize a treasure trove of information. Learn how to store multiple values and access them like a pro.
  1. 3D Printing Wonderland : Enter a whimsical world of 3D printing, where your imagination comes to life layer by layer. Design and create unique objects that amaze and delight.
  2. Magical 3D Design Journey : Put on your designer’s cap and embark on a creative journey. Learn how to design characters, objects, and even your dream world using easy-to-use software tools.
  3. Enchanting Adventures with MagicBit : Meet our friendly MagicBit creature and discover the magical things it can do. Explore its sensors, lights, and sounds to create interactive projects.
  4. Custom Creations with MagicBit : Combine the power of 3D printing and MagicBit to create your very own inventions. Design and print personalized parts to bring your ideas to life.


  1. Cardboard Adventures : Dive into a world of creativity using cardboard and other materials. Build amazing structures and prototypes to solve fun challenges and unleash your imagination.
  2. Young Entrepreneur Quest : Unleash your inner entrepreneur and learn how to turn your brilliant ideas into successful ventures. Discover the secrets of problem-solving, teamwork, and creative thinking.
  3. NIA Innovation Fair : Showcase your innovations at the NIA (National Innovation Agency) Market Session. Pitch your ideas, get feedback, and take a step

And more Topics.....
Compulsory to do an Innovation Project

What happens after the course completion

Complete the Course

Completing the course is easy if kids come to the class every day.

Best Innovation idea

Select the best innovation ideas and optimize there idea

Give kids support

we giving kids support be an entrepreneur in tech with their innovation 

Publish innovations

publish there ideas in national platforms to connect investors

Supportive Organisations with 360 labs

What our kids done

Curious Minds Ask

How often do new products release?

We proudly unveil 4 new creations every month to keep young minds craving more.

Are there any age restrictions?

Our target audience includes children aged 11-18, perfect for nurturing young, eager innovators.

Can I purchase the products online?

Yes, our products are available for purchase through our online store. Simply visit our website and explore our wide range of innovative creations. We offer convenient and secure online transactions to ensure a smooth shopping experience for our customers.

Are the products safe for children to use

Absolutely! The safety of our young users is our top priority. All our products undergo rigorous testing and meet the highest safety standards. We use child-friendly materials and ensure that our designs prioritize user safety. However, parental supervision is always recommended, especially for younger children, to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience with our products.

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