Welcome to the exciting world of the Gadget Engineer Kit! Our innovative kit combines popsicle sticks, electrical components, 3D printed parts, and even a coloring paper to ignite your child’s creativity. With endless possibilities, kids can build remarkable gadgets, from glowing spaceships to dancing robots. Each popsicle stick becomes a building block, while the electrical components bring creations to life with lights, sounds, and movement. The intricately designed 3D printed parts add the perfect finishing touch. Let imaginations run wild as kids color the included paper to create a unique backdrop for their inventions. Unleash the inventor within and embark on an incredible journey of engineering marvels. Join us and experience the joy of hands-on creation today!

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Our weekly feature on A Plus Kids Channel shows how to assemble and operate our newest, most captivating inventions.

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Gadget Engineer 2.0

Gadget Engineer 2.0

Drag Car

Gadget Engineer 2.0

Table Fan

Gadget Engineer 2.0

Nerve Tester


Gadget Engineer 1.0

  • Gadget Engineer

    Micro Robot

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  • Gadget Engineer

    Mini Electronic Dinamo

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  • Gadget Engineer

    Mini Gun

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  • Gadget Engineer

    Motor Boat

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Gadget Engineer


Gadget Engineer

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Code Guide

  1. When the program starts, the robot moves forward with the gripper open. (Going to collect object)
  2. When the hand is placed above IR sensor robot must stop and close the gripper. (Collecting object)
  3. When the hand is raised again robot moves forward with the closed gripper. (Moving with collected object)
  4. When the hand is placed above the IR sensor again, the robot stops and opens the gripper. (Dropping object)
  5. Return to 1.

on start
    close gripper


    read IR sensor value

    if IR == LOW

turn off motors

if gripper is open
close griper
else if gripper is closed
open gripper

wait 3 seconds


turn on motors

end if;

end loop;