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The ultimate toolbox for young inventors and creative geniuses!

  1. Popsicle sticks: These versatile sticks serve as building blocks for constructing various structures and inventions.
  2. Electrical components: The kit includes a selection of electrical components such as wires, LEDs, resistors, switches, and buzzers. These elements enable you to create circuits and add exciting electronic functionalities to your projects.
  3. 3D printed parts: The kit includes a variety of 3D printed parts, which can be used as connectors, gears, or specialized components to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your inventions.
  4. Coloring paper: The kit contains special paper that can be colored with various art supplies. and the art is the same component in 2D form.

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Introducing the Gadget Engineer Kit! Get ready for a world of creativity and fun! With popsicle sticks, electrical stuff, and 3D-printed parts, you can make awesome gadgets. And guess what? We even included coloring paper for extra fun!

Build cool things with popsicle sticks, like houses, cars, and more. Use the electrical stuff to make your creations light up and make noise. You can even make them move! How cool is that?

The 3D-printed parts add extra detail and make your gadgets look super fancy. Connect them together and watch your inventions come to life!

And don’t forget about the coloring paper. Color it anyway you like and use it as a backdrop for your gadgets. It’s like making your own little world!

So, grab the Gadget Engineer Kit and start inventing. Show off your amazing creations to your friends and family. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be a famous inventor! The possibilities are endless with this awesome kit. Let your imagination soar!


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Code Guide

  1. When the program starts, the robot moves forward with the gripper open. (Going to collect object)
  2. When the hand is placed above IR sensor robot must stop and close the gripper. (Collecting object)
  3. When the hand is raised again robot moves forward with the closed gripper. (Moving with collected object)
  4. When the hand is placed above the IR sensor again, the robot stops and opens the gripper. (Dropping object)
  5. Return to 1.

on start
    close gripper


    read IR sensor value

    if IR == LOW

turn off motors

if gripper is open
close griper
else if gripper is closed
open gripper

wait 3 seconds


turn on motors

end if;

end loop;