EcoBin System

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Name: D.M.P. Uvindu Bandara P. Dassanayaka
Grade: 11
School: Royal College, Colombo 7
Innovation: EcoBin System

What is environmental pollution?

Environmental pollution is the addition of unwanted chemicals or energy that cause a change in the environment. The main threat to human beings is this environmental pollution.

  • It is estimated that about 33% of the world’s soil is already degraded due to various factors
  • Research shows that plastic consumption has been observed in 50% of seabird species worldwide
  • It takes 450 Years to decompose a plastic bottle
  • 2.12 billion Tons of waste is dumped into the environment a year

Problems with ordinary waste management systems.

  • Punctuality issues
  • Truck drivers can miss some points
  • No method of collecting data

Solutions for the problem

  • Mobile app that makes hype about waste management among users
  • A trash can that enables users to throw waste while walking
  • Smart trash can

Smart Trash Can solution

Smart Trash Can or else EcoBin is a system created to collect info about waste and manage it easily. This system is specially made for the government. It consists of 3 parts, which are, the transmitter, the receiver, and the application. The transmitter is a mountable component to the existing dustbins and it transmits data about filled and methene amounts using radio waves. The receiver is the part that collects data coming from all the dustbins. Application is used to display all the data. It allows users to interact with this system.

EcoBin features

  • The route of the garbage truck can be generated
  • Real-time data update
  • Easy installation
  • Long-range supportive (about 5km range per each)
  • System can handle a larger number of dustbins at the same time
  • Attractive UI

EcoBin problems

  • Cost is higher when compared to the cost of a dustbin
  • Limited offline functionality
  • Sensors can easily be damaged
  • People may steal parts of it
  • Won’t work after the battery is empty

Ideas to improve

  • Make a web or mobile version of the application
  • Use more durable components
  • Integrate with AI to recognize and classify the waste

App design

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Code Guide

  1. When the program starts, the robot moves forward with the gripper open. (Going to collect object)
  2. When the hand is placed above IR sensor robot must stop and close the gripper. (Collecting object)
  3. When the hand is raised again robot moves forward with the closed gripper. (Moving with collected object)
  4. When the hand is placed above the IR sensor again, the robot stops and opens the gripper. (Dropping object)
  5. Return to 1.

on start
    close gripper


    read IR sensor value

    if IR == LOW

turn off motors

if gripper is open
close griper
else if gripper is closed
open gripper

wait 3 seconds


turn on motors

end if;

end loop;