Public Transportation Management System

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Name : H.M.U. Kaveeja Basuru
Grade : 9
School : Royal College, Colombo 7
Innovation : Public Transportation Management System

What is public transport?

Public transport is a system of transport for passengers by group travel systems available for use by the general public unlike private transport, typically managed on a schedule, operated on established routes, and that charge a posted fee for each trip.

  • 56% of people in the world use public transport
  • Only 44% of people in the world use private vehicles
  • 50% – 70% of public transport vehicles are buses.
  • One full bus can remove 40 to 60 cars from the road

Major Problems with Public Transport

Safety and Security

Solutions for the Problems

-Smart ticketing
-Intelligent transportation systems
-Trip planning and navigation
-Real-time tracking and information
-Feedback and support

Mobile App solution

A mobile app for public transport management is allow users to access real-time information on bus schedules, view route maps, and plan their trips. It is also allow users to purchase tickets and passes using their smartphones, and receive updates on delays and cancellations.

Additionally, it is allow users to provide feedback and report issues. This makes the use of public transportation more convenient and efficient for commuters.

App Features

Real-time tracking and information
Smart ticketing
Trip planning and navigation
Push notifications
Feedback and support
Rating and review system
The availability of seats
Real-time fare calculation

App problems

Data accuracy and reliability
Lack of coverage
Internet connectivity and reliability
Limited offline functionality
Limited personalization

Ideas to improve

Enhance user experience
Add more personalization options
Improve offline functionality
Add accessibility features
Integration with social media

App Design

EcoBin System

Name: D.M.P. Uvindu Bandara P. Dassanayaka
Grade: 11
School: Royal College, Colombo 7
Innovation: EcoBin System

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Code Guide

  1. When the program starts, the robot moves forward with the gripper open. (Going to collect object)
  2. When the hand is placed above IR sensor robot must stop and close the gripper. (Collecting object)
  3. When the hand is raised again robot moves forward with the closed gripper. (Moving with collected object)
  4. When the hand is placed above the IR sensor again, the robot stops and opens the gripper. (Dropping object)
  5. Return to 1.

on start
    close gripper


    read IR sensor value

    if IR == LOW

turn off motors

if gripper is open
close griper
else if gripper is closed
open gripper

wait 3 seconds


turn on motors

end if;

end loop;